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Roguelike Tutorials in Rust and Python

I didn’t look closely at this yet but it looks like it might be good – a rougelike tutorial in Rust.

Every year, the fine fellows over at r/roguelikedev run a Tutorial Tuesday series - encouraging new programmers to join the ranks of roguelike developers. Most languages end up being represented, and this year (2019) I decided that I’d use it as an excuse to learn Rust. I didn’t really want to use libtcod, the default engine - so I created my own, RLTK. My initial entry into the series isn’t very good, but I learned a lot from it - you can find it here, if you are curious.

The series always points people towards an excellent series of tutorials, using Python and libtcod. You can find it here. Section 1 of this tutorial mirrors the structure of this tutorial - and tries to take you from zero (how do I open a console to say Hello Rust) to hero (equipping items to fight foes in a multi-level dungeon). I’m hoping to continue to extend the series.

I also really wanted to use an Entity Component System. Rust has an excellent one called Specs, so I went with it. I’ve used ECS-based setups in previous games, so it felt natural to me to use it. It’s also a cause of continual confusion on the subreddit, so hopefully this tutorial can shine some light on its benefits and why you might want to use one.

It looks pretty good. :crossed_swords:

Rust rouge-like

There’s also a similar Python tutorial here:

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