Resources for Learning Rust

A few people have mentioned Rust recently, and I thought it might be useful to start a thread on resources for learning. If you’ve read any of these or have other suggestions for learning materials, leave a comment below.

Free books – I’ve only read a few chapters of the first one:

2020 Update: some new links:

I also have these books/videos:

Tip: don’t pay more than $10-12 for Udemy courses. If the site tries to charge more than that, ask about free alternatives at a meetup.

Exercism was also mention in chat.

I saw links to these but haven’t looked closely yet:

Here are a few more:

Here’s a college course with some learning materials for Rust:


Another one.


Another resource for examples: The Rust Cookbook:

This Rust Cookbook is a collection of simple examples that demonstrate good practices to accomplish common programming tasks, using the crates of the Rust ecosystem.


I didn’t watch these, but it looks like it might be interesting.

Implementing TCP in Rust

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Totally cool. I see that the first video is 5hrs but. If the pace is decent could probably break this up into smaller segments.

Thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

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If you watch it, let me know how it is. I want to go through it but I don’t have five hours to invest in it yet. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the top post with some new links.