Pico-8 Roguelike Tutorial

PICO-8 looks pretty interesting. I found a playlist on how to make a roguelike game with it.

The final game is here (and also on the PICO-8 website).

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Here are some short PICO-8 clips I saw on Twitter:

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I guess I’ll eventually have to buy this or the 3D version of same. It looks like a lot of fun.

Found a free version of PICO-8 for anyone who wants to tinker with it (Windows): [link]

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Something tells me that they could be one of those sites that hides other things in the download, so be careful.

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I think that site might not be safe — the page titles have misspellings in them, and the “file size” link destination doesn’t match the link’s description. Also, there isn’t a secure connection with the server. :thinking:

I removed the link so that people don’t accidentally click on it.

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And some of the download links don’t go where they’re supposed to go.

Here’s another tutorial playlist.