Interesting Command Line Tools

Here are some interesting tools for people who like to stay in the terminal as much as possible:

TIG (Text-mode Interface for Git)

This tool lets you navigate your Git logs with Vim keybindings. I use this instead of git log. Previously, I had aliased gl to git log, but now it loads tig.

(Magit looks very interesting too, but it runs in Emacs, not the terminal.)

Ranger File Manager

This is a command line file manager with Vim keybindings.

(Side note: another useful Git tool for visually browsing local repos is Git Cola.)

Lynx Browser

This is a text browser which can be useful for some things. I use it when I show up at a wireless hotspot that has a splash login screen. If I launch my regular browsers, all of my open tabs (from the previous session) will load the splash page if I’m not authenticated with the hotspot. If I launch Lynx, then I can log in to the hotspot before opening my regular browsers.

Lynx also makes a good text scraper for quick tasks, especially if you want to get a list of links on a webpage.

Example usage as a scraper:

$ lynx --dump > scraped_webpage.txt

Irssi for IRC

For IRC:

Vim or Neovim

A nice text editor. :slight_smile:

See the Vim tips thread.

Other Tools

Does anyone have other interesting command line tools to recommend? I’ll probably add a few more in the comments below later.

Edit: see also CLI: improved (command line tools)