Using the terminal for everything

“Can you use the terminal for everything?”

Here’s a summary, with some additions in brackets:

  • WordGrinder for word processing. [Alternatively, you can use Vim or any text editor and then run it through pandoc directly from the editor.]
  • SC - for spreadsheets [Org Mode in Emacs can also do this]
  • Mutt for email [Also search this forum for Emacs mail clients and notmuch.]
  • Lynx and Elinks for web browsing.
  • VLC for watching videos (vlc -V caca for color or vlc -V aa without color)
  • Twidge for Twitter

Other ideas:

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I had an annoying bug this morning, unable to see an .md file in my GUI finder window that I used to test out my blog (connected to my Dropbox). Terminal to save the day! Happy this post from @Josh exists.

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