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[email protected] Team for Code Self Study (COVID-19)

Join the Code Self Study team on [email protected] to help with coronavirus research!

Here are some links about how it works:

How to Join

  1. Download the [email protected] software
  2. Visit the client in your browser
  3. Click the “change identity” link there.
  4. Enter 255371 for the team number and save.

To view the team stats page, click here.


I don’t see our team in the team list yet, but my dashboard shows 2,406 team points so far. It looks like points from my first work unit weren’t applied for some reason. Or maybe not all of them go to the team? (There are 29,167 points in my account.)

Maybe there’s some delay in updating stats. The points I earned yesterday didn’t seem to be applied to the team right away, but they were when I looked this morning.
(29,167 is a lot!)

I think it might be a bug, or maybe points are different from work units. My dashboard (still) says 29,167 “total score”, but the WUs number is 282.

The Code Self Study team is now showing up in my account with a score of 420 and 1 WU.

Here’s a link to the team stats page:

(I’m z111.)

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Did any of you create a passkey when you started? I didn’t, but am wondering if I should have.

It looks like you can create one here:

I’ll try that. I’m just curious if I may be doing something wrong because none of the work units I completed today seemed to be showing up in my stats. Obviously I don’t care much about stats, but I was worried maybe I wasn’t actually completing the work units as I thought I was. Just want to be sure I’m contributing.

The points system seems a little buggy or delayed. My points started showing up after a day or two, but there were some bugs with the UI.

It took a break for a little while to do some cancer research but then went back to the coronavirus.

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I created a passkey. My username is not that unique. This might explain why two other teams are listed in my individual stats. I have no recent work units for those other teams. The passkey ensures all my completed work units go to the Code Self Study team.

Information on statistics.

The donor and team stats are updated every hour, although this can be delayed if there were a lot of work units to come back during that hour. We have been turning off web access to the stats database during stats updates (usually on the hour).

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Are there multiple users with the same username? My points must be a bug. I don’t know how they are calculated. :thinking:

I think that’s why they created a passkey. Your username is four characters long, it’s possible it was used in the past. This is a guess and I could be wrong.

Ok, I created a passkey and added that to my identity. This appears to have reset my points to 0, but whatever. As long as [email protected] is getting my contributions I’m good. :+1:


Dan I checked your donor stat page. Your total score is 1286 and you contributed two work units to Code Self Study.

Yeah but that’s for a couple days ago. Today I think I finished 3 workloads (using two computers) but they didn’t seem to be showing up in the stats. :man_shrugging:

I think the zero points is now showing up because it thinks I’m a new user? We’ll see if 2 philomathdans show up when I finish a workload with the new passkey. :slightly_smiling_face:

Breakdown of work units vs credits:

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Here’s an article about it:

In brief

  • Over one million PC owners are now donating their processing power to [email protected]
  • The project uses computation to simulate and research COVID-19 protein folding.
  • Data should help to find new therapy methods for the coronavirus.
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Not that this matters, but it’s still fun to watch our little team’s rankings climb. :slight_smile:

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Dan churning out the work units. Well done :+1:.


Sorry, I’ve fallen behind. I had it set to “only when idle” because I was trying to record some screencasts, and I forgot to turn it back on. :astonished:

(It’s running again.)

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