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Use Your Tech Skill to Help with the Pandemic

This thread is a place to compile lists of projects where people can use their tech skills to try to help with the pandemic. This top post is a wiki post — you should be able to edit it by clicking the “edit” button, or just post your resources in a comment below and someone will update the top post.

[email protected]

Use your spare computing power to help scientists with SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 research. See this thread for more information about how to join the Code Self Study team:

More information:

[email protected]

This looks similar to [email protected]: By simply running a free program, you can help advance research in medicine, clean energy, and materials science.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, [email protected] has been used to predict the structure of proteins important to the disease as well as to produce new, stable mini-proteins to be used as potential therapeutics and diagnostics, like the one displayed above which is bound to part of the COVID-19 spike protein.

To help our research, we are happy to announce a new application update, and thanks to the help from the Arm development community, including Rex St. John, Dmitry Moskalchuk, David Tischler, Lloyd Watts, and Sahaj Sarup, we are excited to also include the Linux-ARM platform. With this update we will continue to make protein binders to COVID-19 and related targets using the latest Rosetta source.

More information here.

Operation Shields Up

A Collective Movement of Volunteers Getting Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Face Shields in the hands of our front line medical professionals…NOW! At Operation Shields Up our mission is to ensure that first responders and all of those on the front lines of the COVID pandemic have the protection they need. In order to mount a rapid response we are leveraging the power of Crowd-sourced manufacturing using 3D Printing!

Twilio Hackathon

Categories include COVID-19 Communications:

  • COVID-19 Communications : an app to help folks communicate during this challenging time, either to stay connected or to help resolve COVID-19 related challenges.
  • Examples: Social interaction apps especially for elderly, remote education tools, distribution of supplies to those in need, telemedicine

Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020)

There will be an virtual (online) COVID-19 Biohackathon from April 5-11,
2020 and the Debian Med team invite you help us improve biomedical FOSS
and the tools/libraries that support those projects.

Most tasks do not require any knowledge of biology or medicine, and all
types of contributions are welcome: bug triage, testing, documentation,
CI, translations, packaging, and code contributions.

The goal of COVID-19-BH20 is to create a cohesive effort and work on tooling for COVID-19 analysis. The biohackathon will lead to more readily accessible data, protocols, detection kits, protein predictions etc.

We will also push for policy change where it comes to non-public or hard to access data because we are facing such challenges!

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