Elixir for Programmers Course

I also found this $30 Elixir course. If anyone is interested in watching it and discussing it, let me know. I can’t type much at the moment, so I’m going to start watching it tonight.

It got great reviews here:

I really need to stress (again) how great this course is.

It takes the student hand-by-hand across the development of a game and it introduces concepts such as Agent, GenServer, etc. so smoothly.

I have to admit that it is the first time I realised what is going on with the GenServer and the state of an Application. So well presented!

Here is the course intro:

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There is a 35% discount for the Elixir books here with the ElixirForum coupon mentioned here.

The course above was really interesting.

In a conventional MVC web framwork, you often start with database models, and the planning revolves around the database structure. With Phoenix, his advice is:

“We never put Ecto [database layer] in our web layer.”

Similar to the other book, the web framework is not the game — it’s just a web layer for an already completed game. Everything is completely decoupled, and the functionality isn’t a tangled mess.