Kaboom.js for Game Development

Kaboom.js looks interesting.

Here’s another one on using Matter.js physics engine with Kaboom:

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This is useful for getting started the regular way (files).

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Did you try this out, Josh? I’m wondering if it’s worth learning.

It looks fun, and my son wants to help design levels with me, but I haven’t taken the time to work through any of it. Looks like it’s a relatively new library, so not a lot of learning resources yet (I usually prefer books, etc. to videos).

I went through the 5 Tips video above and got it working with Parcel and TypeScript. It was fun and seems like a good framework to work on with kids.

I put my code here if you want to skip the video and just see the code.

An alternative in JS that has more learning resources is Phaser.js.

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Ok, good to know. Thanks!

Wow, I love your idea of creating this type of online course.