Interesting Elixir Examples

If nothing else, check out the section starting around 45:55. He creates multiple nodes, connects them, deploys a function across them, and then updates the code everywhere without rebooting. The whole video is interesting, but that was a highlight.

Here’s an interesting walkthrough on using Elixir/Erlang to solve a real problem with resizing 2.7 million images. In Ruby, the image resizing was taking about 1 second per image. Rewriting it in Elixir/Erlang brought that down to 0.128 seconds per image.

This playlist is also good. (Go through the official guide and/or Elixir School first.)

Alchemist Camp is also worth checking out:

I think this one is supposed to be in the playlist, 2nd to last (fault tolerance pat 1).

This one explains why he created Elixir and some of the reasons why Elixir and Erlang are interesting.

This talk will introduce developers to Elixir and the underlying Erlang VM and show how they provide a new vocabulary which shapes how developers design and build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. The talk will also focus on the design goals behind Elixir and include some live demos