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Functional Programming in Scala

I saw a copy of Functional Programming in Scala by Paul Chiusano and Rúnar Bjarnason at Half Price Books and couldn’t resist buying it after skimming through a bit. I’ll add it to the lending library.

One review said that it has a lot of detail but not much practical application, and it recommended this other book for practical examples:

I was reading the FP in Scala book last night and it’s pretty good so far.

A few things that aren’t mentioned:

To run code in the browser, try Scastie.

To run code locally, you can use sbt.

Create a new project use this command and type in the project name when prompted:

$ sbt new scala/hello-world.g8

Then you can start a REPL with sbt. Type console after it’s compiled, and you’ll see the scala> prompt.

There is a quick overview of the language here:

I haven’t watched them, but there are some short video tutorials here: