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How many people here are into creative coding?

I’ve noticed an increasing number of meetup attendees who are into things like P5.js, Three.js, Unity, AR/VR, sound, and related creative coding topics. We can use this thread to help connect people with similar interests.

If you want to meet other creative coders, leave a comment below with information about your interests and any projects you’re working on.

I haven’t done much with creative coding, but I’m interested in the topic. :slight_smile:

I’ve also created a wiki post where people can list Creative Coding Resources.


Hey y’all! Today was my first time attending the self-study. I’m very much a beginning coder, but have some experience with using coding platforms for creative audio and video purposes. Most recently, I’ve been using Sonic Pi and Orca, in combination with hardware synthesizers, to do live performances of experimental ambient electronic music. I’ve also been working on visuals using the amazing Hydra video synthesis platform. I’m also currently trying to learn javascript by making super simple games with p5.js.

I’d love to meet other folks doing creative audio/visual projects with code. I’m also happy to help anyone whose interested in learning these programs!


Welcome Matt! It was nice meeting you today.
Hydra looks really cool!
Happy to help out if you get stuck on any game programming problems. I don’t know p5.js very well, but know the general domain :slight_smile:
Also hope we can collaborate on some audio for the xpgame project!! :musical_keyboard:

Thanks Brian! I appreciate the offer of help and will definitely take you up on it as I move forward with the game programming stuff.
Yeah, Orca is awesome. It’s really easy to create interesting visuals with just a few lines of code (especially if you take advantage of video feedback!).
And yes, I would love to collaborate on audio for the xpgame. I’m planning to dig into Tone.js soon, which could prove useful for this.

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I thought I’d share a couple of p5 projects I’ve been working on. Both of them are interactive minimalist melody generators:

Here are github repositories for anyone interested in the code. I would love any feedback!

Next steps are to wrap my head around the Tone.js library so that I can add more expansive synthesis options (i.e. different waveforms, control over amp envelopes, filtering, etc.).


These are really cool! Looks like you forgot to add the github links, I’d be interested in taking a look :slight_smile:

Oops! Just added them :grin:

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I’m interested in creative coding too, although I haven’t done much with it yet.

Years ago I sort of went in this direction when I created some pages for students to explore the Chaos Game. (Sorry those pages are so clunky looking! :smile:)

But more recently I’ve been wanting to use p5.js to construct some more artistic creations. So far, I’ve only created this portrait of my wife with epicycles.

I have a couple more p5.js ideas involving a picture of my daughter and a picture of my friend, but haven’t started them yet. I will post them if I make any headway though.


I am definitely interested in creative coding type of projects and would be down for a themed meetup specifically for creative coding sometime. Love the stuff you are doing with music @mattholamieux you are giving me some ideas for little sound projects of my own.

I am particularly interested in web projects that any one can pull up and easily view or play with. Also interested in projects that babies or very young children could enjoy. Here’s a simple thing I did a few days ago: