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Analog Synthesizers

Is anyone into analog synthesizers? I don’t know much about them, but I’ve been learning about them recently. Here are some of the links I’ve found (cross-posted from chat).

Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System

In the A-100, Doepfer have produced a capable and versatile analog modular synthesizer, built in the style of the classic modular systems of the seventies. The renaissance of analog synthesis in the last few years shows that analog sound production has a vital place alongside sampling and digital synthesis, and can produce sounds that are unobtainable by any other means. In addition to the unique sounds of its oscillators, filters, amplifiers, phasers, frequency shifters, and so on, analog synthesis can provide almost unbounded modulation opportunities, conventional and unconventional - limited only by the number and variety of modules available.
In designing the A-100, our priorities were: good sound quality; diversity of modules available; ease of integration into a MIDI system; and, maybe most important of all, affordability.

A good looking DIY system:

How they work

This video is good. Skip to 5:21 if you want to visually see how the dials affect the sound waves.

Frequency modulation:

This video walks through a small model (Behringer CRAVE) explaining the features:

Software modular synths

Web app:



Keyboard model demos

It looks like the original Prophet was built by someone from Berkeley’s EECS program:

Here are some DIY kits:

Here’s one for $25:

There’s also r/synthdiy on Reddit.