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What easy to earn programming/coding/web designer skills/job can I quickly learn to get a small part time job of 1000$ a month?

What easy to earn programming/coding/web designer skills/job can I quickly learn to get a small part time job of 1000$ a month?

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How about making splash pages for small businesses? That can use a lot of out of the box libraries.

Looks like has a few listed. Paying on average $100-$200/job. So 10 of those a month?

Data entry can also be $15-$25/hr… so… 50 hours of that?

You should be able to learn data entry very quickly. :wink:

Hope those thoughts help. Good luck.

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For a little over ten years, I was doing a variety of things in the software development area. I had it in my head that if I could build re-usable yet customizable bits of functionality for websites that this could make some money. (You’d sell the basic module and then they’re hooked in on an hourly basis for customization.) If they like you, then they keep coming back for more solutions.

So I would build a calendar app back when XML was a new thing. I built an XML-to-PDF compiler for producing investor reports in realtime. I built ISAPI functions for dynamically generating 3D graphics from business data.

The business model then is to sell a product which turns you into their service consultant, essentially.

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Can we speak by Skype?
U think a MacBook Air 13 inches screen could be ok fir my purpose?

I’d say just hit me up at the Saturday meetup if you want to discuss; I’ll try to attend.

Absolutely, a MacBook Air 13" is what I’m on right this minute. It’s a 2017 model with the standard Type-A USB connectors. Although the newer USB connectors (Type-C) in theory can push more power, the size/shape of them isn’t all that compatible right now to be honest.

Ok thx
Can we talk on Skype?
Maybe we can help each other
I have a PhD in neuroscience and gals degree in physics
Is completely anonymous don’t worry
So you are saying with MacBook Air 2017-28-19 I can program in java and python and we design decently ( not very high level or extremely complex things just low level things or average)?

Can design
I meant

Well, I’m saying that a trained Java coder or a trained Python coder would be happy with a MacBook Air just like the one I’m using. One could learn to program in these languages, of course. What exactly is a GALS degree? (The Internet was silent on answers to that question.)

“high-level things” = JavaScript is probably the best example of a high-level language since you don’t need to understand how numbers are actually stored on your computer on the processor, for example
“complex things” = stock market portfolio analysis, ballistics, writing a 3D graphics rendering engine, writing a network-based time synchronization service
“low-level things” = coding in Assembly Language, C/C++ and writing terse code which talks directly or almost-directly to the hardware itself

I’d prefer not to Skype. It’s not that I’m shy—I value my time at the same level that my clients do.

Most software projects these days are loosely designed on paper or whiteboard, broken up into pieces by someone and then coded in a text editor program of some kind. These editors usually know the software language and can provide colorized and contextual help. This isn’t a replacement for knowing how to code, however.

My JavaScript students from last year went through a self-paced 12-week program that realistically took as much as a year for many. There is a fair amount of differences in people that make this easy for them or difficult. It all depends upon the individual.

Many really good coders make no money whatsoever. Many brilliant salespeople and inventors never make any money whatsoever. To make money at this, you have to understand some subject quite well, have technical talent in the creation of software, present yourself well in email and in person, be able to create a value proposition for a potential client so that they can understand what it is that they need and how what you have is the solution to some problem. You also need to have excellent accounting skills, be able to invoice promptly and accurately, to call their accountant when your checks haven’t arrived on time, etc.

Just a reminder (Alex), I’ll be at the meetup today at 2PM if you wanted to discuss in person. Ask for Michael or OutsourcedGuru.

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Here’s a link to the meetup details: