What do you think about MongoDB?

A topic that came up at the meetup today:

There are many articles online suggesting that MongoDB is often not the ideal option. I’m wondering what people here think.

Here is a sample of the articles:

I suspect that MongoDB probably has its use cases (high volume analytics?), and it’s sometimes useful for quickly building small projects, but I wonder if coding bootcamps put too much emphasis on learning it. Are there really a lot of jobs out there where the companies would expect you to know MongoDB (or any no-SQL database as the main database) while not knowing SQL?

I don’t really have a strong opinion on it, and my post isn’t meant to bash MongoDB. I think it’s good to know MongoDB, but I’m just not sure if no-SQL is the first thing that people should reach for in many cases. If I had a bootcamp, I’d probably teach SQL first and only use Mongo for a quick 2-day project to give a little exposure to it — maybe something like a web scraper.

See also mongodb alternatives.

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

:laugh: You can add my own article to the list: mongodb is dead…

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I just saw some comments about Mongo in this thread on HN:

A link to the article: