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WebGPU in Firefox

We are excited to bring WebGPU support to Firefox because it will allow richer and more complex graphics applications to run portably in the Web. It will also make the web platform more accessible to teams who mostly target modern native platforms today, thanks to the use of modern concepts and first-class WASM (WebAssembly) support.

API concepts

WebGPU aims to work on top of modern graphics APIs: Vulkan, D3D12, and Metal. The constructs exposed to the users reflect the basic primitives of these low-level APIs. Let’s walk through the main constructs of WebGPU and explain them in the context of WebGL – the only baseline we have today on the Web.

Separation of concerns

The first important difference between WebGPU and WebGL is that WebGPU separates resource management, work preparation, and submission to the GPU (graphics processing unit). In WebGL, a single context object is responsible for everything, and it contains a lot of associated state. In contrast, WebGPU separates these into multiple different contexts:

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