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Vue.js Resources has two Vue.js courses, including one by Evan You, the creator:

The second one is less than 4 hours, so I’ll probably watch it.

Here’s another new one:

Here are some introductory videos on vuex (like Redux, but built for Vue):

There’s a series here:





Extra info, including how to do “time travel”:

Here are some Udemy courses (often on sale for $10-12 each):


Tip: don’t pay more than $10-12 for Udemy courses. If the site tries to charge more than that, ask about free alternatives at a meetup.

There are more Vue courses on Udemy (and elsewhere) but those are the ones I have at the moment. I usually just watch sections of the courses to pick up tips on various features that interest me. :slight_smile:

I read the Vuex documentation today. It has interesting information on plugins and modules.

Here are some more Vue resources:

Non-free – I don’t know much about them, but am just compiling resources here:

Two more Vue links that might interest people:


Three more: