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Unusual opportunity to get great foundation in OCaml -- programming with nameless pure functions

OCaml may sound obscure, but with this course, which is aimed a people with just a little (really a little) imperative programming (variables, conditional statements), one can get a good foundation in functional ideas, style, and tools. Microsoft’s F# is closely related as is Facebook’s Reason. [Fifteen minutes of reading search results from “facebook reason javascript” will show a lot that is not obvious about how the web is really built. [Reason is just another syntax for OCaml. It’s the language [OCaml] and the runtime [JavaScritpt] that matter.
I’ve only done the first week. Perhaps I won’t think so highly of the course in 4 weeks, but so far it is the best introduction to programming – all of it – I’ve seen.
The course is free. It just started this week.
Even if you only spend 90 minutes to look at the first week and stop the course, I think 90% of this meetup will think their time is well spent.
[PS: I don’t like Facebook either, but some of their technical staff is over the top.]
I’d hire a bright, motivated person who finished this course over 90% of programmers with 3 years experience and many with 30 years of experience.

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The course starts again tomorrow.

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