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Udemy free for Berkeley Public Library

Enter your library ID and you’re good. Grab a card at the library while it’s open for today (Sunday) only. Will be closed indefinitely starting tomorrow. click here for the link

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Enter your library ID and you’re good.

Although for more privacy-conscious (such as yours truly :innocent:) it might help to look at Gale/Cengage’s latest Privacy Statement as well as its COOKIES AND OTHER DATA COLLECTION TECHNOLOGIES NOTICE PDF before leaping into the BPL’s “free” Udemy tutorials.

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Berkeley Public Library also just expanded some of their online services and put them on the home page. Check out their site here:

Please guys, i just applied for the Library eCard online, i got the card but am still unable to access gale with the card. Do i need a permanent card to access gale?

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot that. Is there an error message? If you email the library through their website, they should be able to help.

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