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The Missing Semester of Your CS Education (MIT)
@Dan posted this on slack the other day (via hackernews).

The format is a ~1h lecture on each topic; the lecture notes are included on the site. I’ve read/watched a couple of them now, and they seem like exceptional intros to the topics so far.

Topics include:
Shell Tools and Scripting
Editors (Vim)
Data Wrangling
Command-line Environment
Version Control (Git)
Debugging and Profiling
Security and Cryptography


I’ve read/watched the first two and am in the middle of the third. So far they seem fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants an introduction to any of these topics.
[Edit: I recommend working through these with Linux, if possible, since that’s what each of the speakers uses. They also mention equivalent things in Windows and OSX, but not everything carries over (obviously).]

I notice though that not all of the topics (e.g. shell scripting) list resources for further study beyond these introductions. If anyone can recommend a particularly good resource for further study on any of these, such as a text or something similarly broad in coverage, I would really appreciate it.