Terminal Based Organization Systems

I currently use Org Mode for note taking, but I’ve been wondering about switching to a similar system that uses a collection of custom scripts and command line tools.

Has anyone tried these tools or know of other similar ones??

Edit: there is a discussion about calendars at the link below:

A post about Taskwarrior:

I’d enjoy a command line tool that has good interop with org-mode (ideally it would just call into elisp-- is such thing practical?). org+agenda+refile+capture is a pretty solid combo, but I also spend a lot of time in my terminal.

Maybe I’ll do some research later today.

I’m not sure. There is a HN discussion here.

Taskwarrior has a hooks system, but I haven’t looked closely at it yet.

I’m in the very early stage of trying it and don’t know all the features yet.

I found this script to send Taskwarrior notifications in Linux, but I haven’t tried it yet.


task status:pending tags.hasnt:notified due.before:now+10h     export |  
jq -r ".[].description" |  
while IFS= read -r line  
   notify-send 'A task is due in less than 10h' "$line"
task status:pending tags.hasnt:notified due.before:now+10h modify +notified