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Show URLs in Google Search Results (Browser Extension)

Google recently removed URLs from their search results, so it’s now more difficult to see what page your about to visit or find a site by name.

The most likely reason for the change is that it makes it harder for users to distinguish between ads and real search results.

(Currently at the top of Hacker News: "Every Google result now looks like an ad ".)

I created a quick browser extension yesterday to add the URLs back. Firefox approved it immediately, but Google rejected it as “spam”. (The source code is below — obviously it doesn’t have any spam in it.)

Here’s the Firefox version:

Here’s the source code if anyone wants to improve it:

I’ll try to resubmit it to the Chrome extension store, but I’m not sure if they will approve it.

It needs some improvements — feel free to make pull requests on the Github issues. The main code is just a few JavaScript functions in the src/content_script.js file.