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Serverless architecture tips

So I am thinking of going serverless.

Is there a recommended database for serverless?

Being serverless, does all the webpage need to be rendered on the front end?

I’m not sure – there are things like Firebase that could work. AWS probably has a similar product.

I saw this AWS-based book at Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito Plaza, and it looked interesting:

I think server-rendered sites are probably safer than serverless from an SEO perspective, which is why I haven’t gone fully serverless.

For deployment of an app with a node.js backend, Heroku is pretty easy to set up.

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Yeah, for me I am html caching my core SEO content and having it hosted on a CDN…

Thanks for the book recommendation. As is, I don’t manage my own servers right now, as I have managed servers. I suppose serverless can be seen as automated “managed hosting”.

How are you liking the switch to cloud functions so far?

They haven’t been deployed yet, but it looks like it will make a lot of things easier. I’m thinking that static HTML sites plus cloud functions (“JAM stack” or whatever people are calling it) are the way to go on certain kinds of projects.

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Yeah, I am starting to wrap my mind around it, but I doubt I will really understand till I try to implement it. It will also be interesting to see how the costs compare, as I understand firebase is a bit expensive, but you only pay for what you use, in which case, I am probably overpaying for my server… etc…

Edit: Also waiting for the “easier” part to sink in…

I’m copying this here from chat, since this looks like the closest thread for it. :slight_smile: