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There are some online resources for DIY computer science degrees. This thread is an attempt to compile a list of good resources on that topic. This is a wiki-post, so anyone with a high enough trust level will be able to edit it and create a list of links here.

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I’d also add Vaidehi Joshi’s series of articles on Medium where she explores basic CS subjects. I’ve found it to be supremely bite-sized, digestible, and other gastrointestinally palatable metaphors.


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Here are a few learning resources that I have on my to-do list:

Computer Science

Statistics and Machine Learning

I have a longer list, but that’s my shorter-term list for CS and machine learning topics.

More interesting resources:

And another list I stumbled across:

I’m currently doing TeachYourSelfCS, along (cross-checking) with CMU’s Funct/Modern CS curriculum.


I’m not sure if this was mentioned yet:

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I just added the OSSU study plan to the list.

I added this to the list: