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Secret pages / easter eggs in websites?

I am slowly rolling out my new personal site with more creative and personal stuff and I am hoping to hide some secret pages around the site with some hidden fun content in a way that isn’t completely obvious but still could be noticed by a particularly observant person or someone who knew they existed and was actively looking for them.

Does anyone have good ideas for ways to hide secrets in a website or know any good easter eggs in existing sites?

Things I have been considering are secret codes that can be entered on the keyboard or in a special input box, secret links printed in the console, hidden puzzle pieces that must be found and collected across a few pages to unlock a secret portal, etc.


Sounds fun.

Other possibilities: Maybe a small transparent gif that’s a link, so the user only notices it if (s)he mouses over it? Or maybe a bit of transparent text that’s only seen if you try to highlight apparently blank portions of the page?


How about wiggling or distorting the cursor when the user is getting close to the hotspot?