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Running Rust functions on Netlify (AWS Lambda)

It isn’t mentioned in Netlify’s list of supported languages for cloud functions (JS, TS, and Golang), but you can write cloud functions in Rust and deploy them on Netlify’s free plan. I tried it last night with warp_lamda and it worked.

I’ve been looking for ways to deploy free cloud functions that don’t require a credit card. My biggest worry with Firebase and AWS Lamba is that there isn’t a way to cap the billing. With services that don’t let you cap billing, it’s possible to experience bugs that cost thousands of dollars. I think it’s too much of a risk for casual projects. I’d rather have the functions automatically shut off when a certain billing limit is reached (like $5/month). Without a way to cap billing, $5/month on DigitalOcean has been a safer bet than “free” on Firebase.

I haven’t tried it yet, but there is another database called FaunaDB that doesn’t seem to have the billing risks of Firebase and AWS. I’m hoping to try it soon.