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ReasonML/Bucklescript Links

Here are some ReasonML links. It’s basically a syntax for Ocaml that looks a bit like JavaScript.

See also: Bucklescript and its “What & Why”.

Free Resources

Non-free Resources

Some books:

Other Tutorials

I picked up a copy of this ebook. I read the docs and went through the pomodoro tutorial but am trying to find more examples of integrating small amounts of Reason/Ocaml into existing JS code.

The thing that interests me about it is that it’s just a thin layer of syntax over ocaml, and that discipline seems less optional than with Typescript in non-strict mode — but it also leaves in some escape hatches — and compiles to readable JavaScript. :thinking:

Often when I’m searching for documentation on something reason, I find a blogpost from here.

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I’m going to drop this explanation of GADTs in reason here.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out more closely after I finish the book.

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