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Puzzle: Multiply [bug_fixes]

Multiply” is a coding puzzle that people can be attempted in the following languages: javascript, coffeescript, ruby, python, haskell, clojure, java, csharp, elixir, cpp, typescript, php, crystal, dart, rust, fsharp, swift, go, shell, c, lua, sql, bf, r, nim, erlang, objc, scala, kotlin, solidity, groovy, fortran, nasm, julia, powershell, purescript, elm, ocaml, reason, idris, racket, agda, coq, vb, forth, factor, prolog, cfml, lean, cobol, haxe, commonlisp, raku, and perl.

  • Difficulty: 8 kyu
  • Stars: 1062
  • Votes: 7822
  • Category: bug_fixes
  • Tags: Bugs
  • Source: codewars


This code does not execute properly. Try to figure out why.

Solve It Here

Click the link below to solve it on Codewars:


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I tried loading one that is available in #raku (Perl 6) to see if it was available on Codewars, and it is. :smiley: