Puzzle: Century From Year [reference]

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The first century spans from the year 1 up to and including the year 100, The second - from the year 101 up to and including the year 200, etc.

Task :

Given a year, return the century it is in.

Input , Output Examples ::

centuryFromYear(1705)  returns (18)
centuryFromYear(1900)  returns (19)
centuryFromYear(1601)  returns (17)
centuryFromYear(2000)  returns (20)

(century 1705)  returns 18
(century 1900)  returns 19
(century 1601)  returns 17
(century 2000)  returns 20

In SQL, you will be given a table `years` with a column `yr` for the year. Return a table with a column `century`.

Hope you enjoy it … Awaiting for Best Practice Codes

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Try solving it without any conditional logic.