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This Twitter thread was mentioned in chat. It looks interesting, so I’m cross-posting it to the forum to save the list.

The Mentioned Videos

The Birth & Death of JavaScript A talk by Gary Bernhardt from PyCon 2014

This science fiction / comedy / completely serious talk traces the history of JavaScript, and programming in general, from 1995 until 2035. It’s not pro- or anti-JavaScript; the language’s flaws are discussed frankly, but its ultimate impact on the industry is tremendously positive.

Bret Victor The Future of Programming

Jake Vanderplas - Statistics for Hackers - PyCon 2016

Statistics has the reputation of being difficult to understand, but using some simple Python skills it can be made much more intuitive. This talk will cover several sampling-based approaches to solving statistical problems, and show you that if you can write a for-loop, you can do statistics.

The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie

Software and technology has changed every aspect of the world we live in. At one extreme are the ‘mission critical’ applications - the code that runs our banks, our hospitals, our airports and phone networks. Then there’s the code we all use every day to browse the web, watch movies, create spreadsheets… not quite so critical, but still code that solves problems and delivers services.

But what about the code that only exists because somebody wanted to write it? Code created just to make people smile, laugh, maybe even dance? Maybe even code that does nothing at all, created just to see if it was possible?

Join Dylan Beattie - programmer, musician, and creator of the Rockstar programming language - for an entertaining look at the art of code. We’ll look at the origins of programming as an art form, from Conway’s Game of Life to the 1970s demoscene and the earliest Obfuscated C competitions. We’ll talk about esoteric languages and quines - how DO you create a program that prints its own source code? We’ll look at quine relays, code golf and generative art, and we’ll explore the phenomenon of live coding as performance - from the pioneers of electronic music to modern algoraves and live coding platforms like Sonic Pi.

Eyeo 2019 - Daniel Shiffman

No slides. No script. In this talk, Dan live codes an interactive simulation using a variety of creative coding tools including p5.js, ml5.js, and Runway. The simulation will be trained to respond to audience interaction using a machine learning technique known as “transfer learning.” (If everything breaks, he’ll have his book of Random Numbers with him for a dramatic reading.)

Antichamber: An Overnight Success, Seven Years In The Making

When Antichamber was released at the beginning of 2013, it became an instant critical and financial success, but the journey to getting there was as much of a psychological challenge as the game itself. In this talk, Alexander Bruce looks back at the entire history of the game, as he went from working alone in a bedroom to flying around the world and landing on the IGF stage in 2012.

Creatrilogy: Three Talks Exploring Indie Game Creativity

Returning from last year’s IGS, the Creatrilogy hour will present a scattering of ideas on the hows and whys of game making, the way only indies can. David Kanaga (composer, DYAD, Proteus) will talk about his approach to video games as music “objects.” Tom Betts (aka Nullpointer) will show how we can apply Kant’s notion of the ‘mathematical & dynamic sublime’ to developing procedural and emergent games. Drawing on his experience in collaborating with artist Marina Abramovic, Pippin Barr (The Artist is Present) will share his thoughts on collaborating across disciplines to yield greater experiences.