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New blog post: Switching to Markdown for Post Source Format

Will appear at this location really soon (will edit this when live):

Live now.

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My only complaint with Org Mode format is the inline code formatting uses equals signs. So you can’t write const f = x = 2 ** x; and have it formatted as code, because the equals signs in the code itself break the markup.

To format as inline code in Org Mode you wrap in equals signs =like this=,
which doesn't work for actual code.

I wonder if anyone has found a way around that (or if I’m misunderstanding something about Org Mode), because it’s a major annoyance that makes me wish my notes were in Markdown. :thinking:

Other than that I like most things about Org Mode.

Edit: actually, there might be a way. I just looked it up and found a possible (verbose) solution. It looks like you can also wrap with tildes, but that doesn’t work for code that has both equals signs and tildes. :thinking: