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NetLogo and Agent-Based Modeling

I’m listening to an audiobook called Understanding Complexity and it mentioned a program for agent-based modeling called NetLogo. (website, browser version, source code)

It looks like a lot of fun. Has anyone tried it?

It seems easy to use.

Here are some books that use it – unfortunately, they appear to have textbook pricing:

And a free PDF book: Fundamentals of Multiagent Systems with NetLogo Examples

Online courses:

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It does look fun. I haven’t used it, but I’ve briefly used Python’s version of Logo called It’s just a Python library though, so doesn’t have all the little buttons and other nice features. It’s still fun to play with though. :slight_smile:

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I just saw that the Coursera course is taught by the same person who did the Understanding Complexity audiobook. I might listen to some of the lectures.

I haven’t watched the Model Thinking videos yet, but I found a few more books by Scott Page on Amazon:

It looks like there is a 15-book series called Princeton Studies in Complexity that looks interesting.

Complexity Explorer was mentioned above. I found their YouTube channels and want to save the links here.

I forgot all about NetLogo until you posted on this again. It definitely looks like something I would like to play with. I think one of my main interests in programming is in using it to experiment – with math, art, etc. Agent-based modeling seems like another fun thing to experiment with.

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I’m planning to work through this course soon. I think his book, The Model Thinker, is the textbook. The print version will be released in March but the Kindle version is already available. I figured I could read it while watching the videos. I’m going to finish his Complex Adaptive Systems book first though.

(Edit: It doesn’t mention it on Coursera description, but another website said that the examples in the course are in NetLogo.)

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