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This thread is for links related to creating music with hardware and software. This top post is a wiki post that anyone can edit.


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Does anyone know of other interesting music generation/composition tools/ideas? (ideally that work on Linux)

I just found some more on that site:

While playing a video, drag the mouse over the keyboard and change the settings.

I use Alda for some personal music projects – very simple language to produce music you can hear. Not quite as flexible as Lilypond, but much easier to start.

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Thanks, that looks interesting. The mention of Clojure reminded me of this:

This also turned up in my search results:

Here’s another music tool:

I moved some comments into this new wiki post thread.

I’ve been trying to get back into music during the quarantine. I have an old electric guitar that I assembled from parts when I was about 15. I realized that there is space for a microcontroller, and the guitar is in bad enough shape that I don’t have to worry much about breaking anything. I might try to put a Raspberry Pi Zero in here, or some other kind of controls, like a kill switch that can be tapped. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet and am still looking for ideas.

Brian May (guitarist from Queen) talks about the guitar he built in this video. There are a few interesting button on the front.

Edit: he describes the switches at the beginning of this video:

Edit 2: The construction is described on hackaday:

Edit 3: There is an entire book about how the guitar was built.