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Logic Gate Simulators

These were mentioned in a discussion about nand2tetris. I thought it would be useful to save a copy here.

I also created a new tag for it: #nand2tetris


Awesome! Thank you for sharing.
Right now I am taking an intro course @UCBerkeley_extension; utilizing RaspberryPi & python. That comes in handy right now.
Thanks to the Gods of computer technology and thanks to you

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I found some iPad apps:

Edit: it looks like some of those iPad apps haven’t been updated in a couple of years.

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So, since all of the apps mentioned are for iPad I gave it a try:

  • Digital Gate Circuit Simulator
    I am excluding this because before investing $8 I need to know more about what is a good CG app (Circuit Gates) and what not.

  • ‎Logic Gates | Learn on the App Store
    it is more of a quiz. You have four options - Play, Sandbox, Puzzels and “How to play”. It appears to be self-evident, at least the design suggests it but
    I work the last 9 years as a QA and I would not give this app a [PASS]. The opposite to pass is [FAIL] which I also wouldn’t give. It is just not yet mature enough to survive the harsh winds of the digital world.

  • => I saw an app before which had the same structure: there are problems to resolve and the access is locked. If you resolve the first problem you earn access to the next problem and so on.
    The design is absolutely adequate. This is an app I would gladly give a [PASS]. And as a matter of fact: I enjoyed completing the first problem.

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Using the browser, I checked if I can find a good CG app. Not really.
There are two options in general: download an app or simply use the browser.
Starting with the best in my list:
The one I would denote as useful is Logic gate simulator -

Almost as good is another one which needs purchase, the transfer of energy in the form of readymoneyhardcash:

I also tried Top 5 Free Online Logic Gate Simulator Websites which was ok, but I believe there are certain functions missing.

Hope this is helpful to the community.
First I thought I am not seeing any AND, NOR, NANDs…
=> it would be nice if they could have stayed to the convention how the gates are displayed. If you click the left panel you find them.
One sec - one more note: My veryvery first impression was: man, that looks like an editor. Wouldn’t that be awesome: editor for logic gates.
Just Beautiful

Logic Gate Simulator | -
Logic Gate Simulator | - Free, interactive, education.
this is concise and focused on the gates. Nicely done!!!
Again, you need to pay to see the entire app ($60)
As a beginner, not sure if I should. The app looks promising tho

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I’ve been using the demo version of that one. The circuits disappear if the page reloads though.