Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good

If there is anyone else who is reading Learn You Some Erlang, we can discuss it in this thread.

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Josh, just curious: What are the selling points for learning Erlang? I assume one would be to learn/improve functional programming, but why Erlang in particular?

There are overviews of the language here and here. I recently watched a 2-hour video course about Erlang and tried to solve a few puzzles on exercism.io. I realized that I need to learn more before I do that, so I took the book off of my shelf. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in eventually building things with Phoenix (Elixir) so Erlang knowledge will be useful in the long run, because the languages are related. Someday, I want to build next-generation forum/messaging software. This forum software is nice for some things but it has its own problems. I might attempt it with Phoenix. I backed this Kickstarter hoping that it might be a solution, but the project became inactive.

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Thanks for all the info! Improved forum/messaging software sounds like a great project goal.

I’ve tried nearly every forum software that I could find over the past 12 years and most of them have serious problems. I have ideas on how to design an online communication system that doesn’t have those problems, but not enough free time to do much with it yet. :thinking:

I found an Erlang video course here:

There are more Erlang classes online here.

Playlist 1:

Playlist 2:

Playlist 3: