Languages that target BEAM (Erlang)

Elixir is probably the most well-known language that runs on BEAM, but I’ve seen some other ones recently.

Closure for the Erlang VM:

Two other lisps for BEAM are Lisp Flavored Erlang and joxa. LFE even has it’s own version of SICP.

Another one that I’ve seen recently is Gleam.

Here are some more: GitHub - llaisdy/beam_languages: Languages, and about languages, on the BEAM

I’ve only used Elixir so far, but I’m curious about the other ones.

Edit: it looks like Platformatec was acquired:

For the Elixir programming language in particular, José Valim and the Elixir Core Team will continue developing and maintaining the programming language in the same capacity as they have been doing over the last few years, independently from Plataformatec and Nubank. We are in touch with the Elixir Core Team to transfer all assets, including the existing trademarks and the Elixir website, to their control.

And Elixir v1.10.0-rc.0 was released a few hours ago.