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The Unity editor wasn’t running well in i3wm, so I installed KDE. (It works in KDE.)

I didn’t like KDE when I used it many years ago (15+), but it’s looking pretty good now. I stumbled on some programming-related resources when trying to figure out how to customize some of the keyboard shortcuts.

Plasma desktop scripting with JavaScript:

and more:


Ha! I also haven’t tried KDE in >15 years. I should take a look at it too.

It makes me wonder why Ubuntu uses GNOME 3 instead of KDE. GNOME 3 has been unusable for my workflow. It took a few hours to figure out how to configure KDE, but after that it’s good.

When Ubuntu was released in 2004/05 it used Gnome 2. At the time Gnome was more stable or faster than KDE.

Back then I liked Gnome 2 in Debian better than KDE. However Gnome 2 still had its buggy quirks. When Gnome 3 came out I didn’t like its and switched to XFCE and Fluxbox/Openbox.

What type of game do you want to make?

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I liked GNOME 2. I’ve never liked GNOME 3. They disabled the virtual desktops functionality for all but the simplest uses. (I need 10-20 virtual desktops with custom keybindings for my way of working, otherwise it reduces the number of things I can juggle at once.)

I’m evaluating mobile app development frameworks. I’ve been building small experiments with Flutter, Quasar, NativeScript, Capacitor, and was going to try React Native next, but then I had a sudden thought that Unity might be worth checking out. It looks easy to learn, and it can build for Android, iOS, desktop, and Web from one code base.

Speaking of Linux desktops and Flutter, I just read this article about Ubuntu making Flutter the default framework for Ubuntu development. I wonder if it’s related to some kind of plan with Ubuntu on mobile.

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I posted links to 3 free QT C++ programming courses in the #links channel in the chatroom. They are only free until the end of the day.

(KDE uses QT.)