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Is anyone interested in optional topics at Wednesday meetups?

I’m wondering if people have any interest in (optional) topics at meetups, similar to what we did on the bash scripting day. We could pick a topic in advance, and anyone who is interested could work on something related to that topic during the meetup. (People who aren’t interested in the topic could work on their own things, as usual.)

Let me know by voting in this poll on topics you’re interested in and/or by leaving a comment below. More details can be found below the poll. Please check all that apply.

  • Static site generators
  • Microcontrollers
  • Server config
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Editor customization
  • I’m interested, but my topic isn’t listed here (comment below)
  • I’m probably not interested in participating

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Longer description of the ideas:

  • Static site generators – these are tools that let you easily build websites and blogs as static sites that can be hosted for free with services like netlify. I’m experimented with many static site generators (Pelican, Hugo, Metalsmith, Hexo, Gatsby, Nuxt, Middleman, Jekyll, etc.) and could help people configure and deploy sites.
  • Microcontrollers – one idea is that we could order some microcontrollers a few weeks in advance (examples: micro:bit, Moddable, Tessel) and then write some code to run on them at a meetup.
  • Server config – we could practice building web servers and deploy simple sites to them. This would involve some practice with Linux and nginx. It would be free for people to create servers on DigitalOcean.
  • Docker – we could create some docker containers and deploy simple sites on DigitalOcean (or similar host).
  • Git – maybe we could split into pairs and practice working on single repos with multiple committers, intentionally creating some problems to solve, like branches and merge conflicts.
  • Editor customization – we could work on customizing our editors (vim, emacs, vscode, atom, sublime, etc.) and trading configuration tips with people who use the same editors. (I could help with Vim customization, and also a little with Emacs and vscode.)

I’m interested in several of these, but most likely I won’t make it back to a Wednesday meeting until the kids are back in school (mid August). :frowning:

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