How to Switch the Page Down and End key in Ubuntu Linux XFCE

  1. Open up a new terminal window

  2. Enter sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc
    Enter your admin password if asked.

  • This will bring up a page where you can edit and change many keybindings for Linux. The keys are on the left and the actions are on the right. Switch as many as you want. When you switch them, be sure there are not duplicates as it may cause an error.

To switch Page Down to End, or <PGDN> | END
For Page Up to Home it is <PGUP> | HOME
Let the old end button now act as PgDn and the old Home button be page up. To do this
<HOME> | Prior
<END> | Next

Note, just replace the text here.

  1. Press CTRL+O then enter to save changes.

  2. Press CTRL+X to exit

  3. Run setxkbmap us to apply changes

  4. Restart your computer and the key mappings should work

This guide is based on the response here:

Now…to disable the middle mouse button!

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I don’t know if gnome-tweak-tool will work with XFCE, but if GNOME features are still running somewhere (Ubuntu’s default), it might. You could try installing that and seeing if its feature to disable paste on middle-click works. If not, you could uninstall it.

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Yeah, I tried it, but it didn’t work either. I may see if I can disable it in the bios. For now, I am just learning to really far left click. :wink:

Have you tried this idea?

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I will try it on my next Linux mod session. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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