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How to learn Drupal 8

The topic of learning Drupal came up at a meetup. It has been a while since I’ve looked, but here are some resources I’ve found from a quick search.

Tip: Areas of Focus

The Drupal community has three general types of people: site builders, themers, and developers. If you choose a tutorial or book, it’s good to be aware of what learning path the resource is going to take you on.

This post covers the three main ones and some additional roles that a larger site might have:

Learning Resources

Official guides:

Lynda offers a free 1-month trial.

Free playlist:

and related website:

Not free, but might be worth trying their free videos:

Not free:

Tip: don’t pay more than $10-12 on Udemy, because the courses can be hit-or-miss, and they go on sale regularly. There are a couple of Drupal courses there:

If anyone knows of other resources, post a comment below.