How to follow SICP posts in the forum

If anyone wants to post about SICP here in the forum (for longer questions, tips, code examples, etc.) this post contains some tips on helping people find your posts.

How to post about SICP

If you post about SICP, just add the “sicp” tag to the tags field. Anyone subscribed to that tag will then be notified.

How to find posts about SICP

Either click on the #sicp tag or use the search feature:


How to subscribe to notifications for all SICP posts

If you want notifications for all posts related to SICP, go to your settings page and put “sicp” in the watched tags field. Here’s a screenshot:

How to turn on syntax highlighting for Scheme

To enable syntax highlighting for any language, including Scheme, wrap the code block in triple backticks, and type the name of the language right after the opening backticks as shown in the image below.

How to change the forum theme

The forum has a light theme and a dark theme available. Choose your preference in your user settings.

How to edit this page

This is a wiki-post that anyone can edit. If you don’t see an “edit” button at the bottom, send a message to @Josh.