How to Export Data from Dynamo DB

Do you use Dynamo DB with Amazon (AWS) and are looking for a way to quickly export all your Dynamo data to use in local development? Or maybe to migrate to another system.

AWS only lets you export 100 rows to csv in the user interface.

So the best bet is to install the AWS CLI and create a user via IAM.
From there, you can use just one line in command line to get a satisfying export of all your data.

Configuring the CLI is a bit of a pain, but is worth it compared to other dyanmo export options.

Follow the instructions here to install and configure the AWS CLI:

After that, you can just run this one line in the command line to export all the data to a json file:

aws dynamodb scan --table-name MFDusers --output csv > export.csv

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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