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How to Ask Programming Questions

In order to make the process of asking and answering questions more efficient and helpful, here are a few guidelines on asking questions that get useful answers.

To ask a programming question in this community, post the question in the #programming-questions section of this forum and a bot will notify people that there is a new question.

Please include as much of the following information in your post as possible:

  • what did you expect to see?
  • what did you actually see?
  • the full error message
  • what have you tried so far?
  • the relevant code, if it’s short enough to fit in a forum post
  • and/or a link to the up-to-date Git repo so that people can try running your code, if necessary

For more tips on how to ask programming questions, check out the following pages:

Knowing how to ask good questions is one of the most important skills in programming! :slight_smile:

If anyone has additional tips, post a comment below.

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