Good puzzles for kids? (age 9-15)

I am looking for coding puzzles that might draw kids into trying programming.
Maybe some kind of addictive math problem to really convey the joy of solving these puzzles.

So far attempts at teaching simple JS function have been met with less than a warm reaction. :wink:

I realize this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I think this book is pretty good:
My daughter (11 years old) has enjoyed it so far, though she’s only finished Part I.


Interesting idea, thanks! I always assume a web version, but books make a lot of sense. They also make (what I hope are good) gifts. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I initially looked for something online, like an interactive tutorial, maybe with some sort of badge system, but for kids. I couldn’t find anything quite right, so I opted for the book and providing the interaction myself. :slight_smile:

My problem is that this is for my nephew who lives on the East Coast (North Carolina) and my brother doesn’t code.

Finding something that ties into popular video games like Mine Craft would be good for getting attention I think.

I may try to create some fun demos on codepen or something too…

I had a similar problem with my nephew years ago. I sent him a book on Python, but I think having no one else in his family to talk about it with, he didn’t get into it much. ( He’s now an electrical engineer though, so luckily I didn’t turn him off entirely. :slight_smile: )
A game tie-in seems like a good idea to me too. I’m hoping to take the Minecraft approach with my son when he’s a bit older, as he can’t get enough of that game.

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It is crazy how successful Minecraft is! But to my understanding, there are a lot of mods out there.

Thanks for the perspective, it helps!

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Maybe Flexbox Froggy? :slight_smile:

It isn’t exactly a puzzle, but there is a language called Inform where you write interactive fiction (text adventures) with code like this:


which produces this game:


There are also TADS and ADRIFT.

Edit: here are some tutorials:

And a dungeon generator for anyone with writer’s block. :slight_smile:

Edit: there is also twine

The text based game is actually a great idea! I remember programming some of those on TI 81 calculators back in high school… or was it middle school?

I will think on this and try get it going and report back. :slight_smile:

This also looks like a good resource:


This might be a bit high level but PicoCTF is a fun game-based capture the flag competition for cybersecurity. There’s free access to all of the past seasons online: . The challanges involve cryptography, binary exploitation, reverse engineering, web exploitation, and forensics. It’s a fun challange to get sucked into and you definatly learn a lot