Elixir & Erlang as a competitive advantage?

This Twitter discussion is interesting:

I received an interesting email today.

It was from someone at a major financial services company that was interested in hiring an Elixir consultant.

However, I can’t say who it is because they asked me not to tell anyone they’re using Elixir.

Why would that be, you ask?

They said “Over the last [timeframe] we’ve found that using Elixir for [our new product] has been so beneficial to our business that we now consider our use of Elixir as a major competitive advantage that we don’t want or competitors to have, so please keep this inquiry private.”

Joe Armstrong’s reply:

I saw a similar phenomena years ago a (unnamed) games company was using Erlang to great advantge I said “can we tell people” answer “no we’re telling everybody we’re using Java”