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Drawing Math with Inkscape

This is an interesting post on using Inkscape for math (or any kind of illustrations). There are links to the Github repos in the article.


I’ve been meaning to learn Inkscape for ages. This looks like a great intro/summary. Thanks for posting.

Edit: Now I remember why I keep putting off learning Inkscape. It’s a pain in the butt to install on a Mac. Requires Macports and I always end up chasing after error messages. :unamused:

It’s a great program – I use that and GIMP for almost all of my graphics. I want to learn how his keyboard shortcut system works. It looked like Python.

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I browsed through his previous post on taking math notes. They look really good. Maybe I need to learn vim too.

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Vim is probably my favorite program. I try to manage my entire computer with Vim-style keybindings (neovim, i3wm, Tridactyl, tmux). We could do a Vim-configuration topic on a Wednesday sometime if people are interested. :slight_smile:

Here are a few other free programs for creating diagrams/illustrations that might be useful:

Graphviz syntax works in forum posts if you wrap the dot or neato code in tags like this: [graphviz engine="neato"]...[/graphviz].

a a b b a--b d d a--d c c b--c b--d c--d f f c--f e e d--e e--f
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Oh, favorite program – that’s quite an endorsement! I will give it a try for sure then. Definitely I would be interested in any vim demos, etc. at meetups.

Re Inkscape and other drawing programs, this is just yet another little annoyance that makes me want to switch back to Linux. I think I’m just going to do that. I feel like it’s way overdue.

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Another interesting tool for diagrams:

Edit: this is slightly different from the original topic, but here are some other Linux programs for ASCII art – the output could be used with svgbob: Delightful Free and Open Source ASCII Art Tools - LinuxLinks

Program Task
FIGlet Make large letters out of ordinary screen characters
TOIlet Similar in many ways to FIGlet with additional features
gif-for-cli Convert media to animated ASCII art
boxes ASCII box drawing
jp2a Convert JPEG images to ASCII
cadubi Creative ASCII drawing utility
textdraw Draw geometric figures and text
cowsay Generates ASCII pictures of a cow with a message in a speech bubble
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I like plantuml. There’s an extension for VS Code that does live preview right in the editor.

This alternative to plantuml was mentioned in chat, so I wanted to save a link here in this thread:

I just saw that is also open source.

There might be some Mermaid support in vscode, but I haven’t looked closely:

I checked to see if the diagrams could be embedded in Jupyter notebooks, and it looks like it’s possible.

This looks unmaintained, but maybe something can be salvaged from it if it doesn’t still work:

Jupyter has a plugin:

Here’s something for plantuml: