Docker Alternatives

This article is titled “It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Docker”. I haven’t looked closely yet, but it lists some Docker alternatives that might be interesting.

If you’ve been a docker user for long time, I think it will take some persuading for you to even consider to switch to different tooling. So, here goes:

First of all, Docker is a monolithic tool. It’s a tool that tries to do everything, which generally is not the best approach. Most of the time it’s better to choose a specialized tool that does just one thing, but does it really well.

This article wasn’t meant to persuade you to completely ditch Docker, rather its goal was to show you the whole landscape and all the options for building, running, managing and distributing containers and their images. Each of these tools including Docker, has its pros and cons and it’s important to evaluate what set of tools suits your workflow and use case the best and I hope this article will help you with that.