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Django Roadmap

Hi all!

Currently trying to learn django/python and wondering if anyone here has had some success with this tech. Does anyone have suggestions for how to learn django, good learning resources, tips, tricks etc.



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The official Django tutorial is good.

There are a couple of Django books in the book lending library. If you want to borrow any of them, let me know the evening before a meetup and I’ll bring them. I thought that Lightweight Django was good. It’s for Django 1, but most of it should work with Django 2.

I’d say… Python will have the most longevity of the two; it’ll be around for the next ten years, guaranteed. I suppose Django would be alright to learn, though.

If you’re really new to web development, I highly recommend Django Girls’ tutorial as something that might be a little bit easier to digest than the official django tutorial.

I found lightweight django useful, but I wouldn’t recommend it until you’re at an intermediate level or are feeling like django is too heavy weight (spoiler alert: it really isn’t, it just comes with all the batteries included by default).

Two Scoops of Django is a great intermediate resource once you’re more familiar with the basics. I’d recommend reading it after building a couple of toy projects as a good intro to a lot of collected best practices before diving into a larger project