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Coronavirus Preparation Wiki

This is a wiki post with information on where to order supplies, and other tips, if you are stuck at home for a while. See the Coronavirus Information Thread for more information on the general situation.

Feel free to edit this wiki if you know other resources that could help.

The CDC has already warned older people and people with health problems to stay at home as much as possible.

Ordering Online

Here are some places where people can order food and other goods online for home delivery.


Prepared Food

Disinfection Tips

With the current rate of spread, some of us will likely end up in quarantine or isolation. This section of the page is for resources on keeping other people in the home safe.

Other Tips

The article below discusses some ideas about what you might need if quarantined to your home. It’s a starting point at least.

Added a link for DoorDash. Hopefully the vendor practices good hygiene during food prep.

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