"Building an Elixir Team When No One Knew Elixir" (ElixirConf 2019)

I saw a link to this video in a newsletter today.

Building an Elixir Team When No One Knew Elixir - Jacob Parry

The first line of Divvy’s Elixir code was committed in the summer of 2017. One thousand modules and 200,000 lines of Elixir code later, we have an engineering team of 50+ engineers who, for the vast majority, tried Elixir for the first time with Divvy’s tech assessment. How did we grow such a large team who had never used Elixir before? What are some of the growing pains we experienced? What have we done that was not done in the ideal “Elixir-y” way? Lots! Elixir has enabled Divvy to grow a very successful business even when the experience hasn’t always been there. You don’t need to be an expert in Elixir to build a successful business using it.

They thought that if they chose Elixir there would be feature development slowdown and difficulty with hiring engineers, but those things didn’t happen.

Here’s their website: https://getdivvy.com/

The talk also mentioned this library: